Every Investor's Basic Rights

Setting a higher standard of excellence

We believe all investors are entitled to an advisor who acts in their best interests. The law defines this as "fiduciary responsibility." At The Mutual Fund Store, we set a higher standard with our Investor Bill of Rights. As an investor, we believe you have the right to:

  • Independent advice, where advisors make investment decisions because they're right for you. Our advisors do not receive any form of incentive from the fund companies we work with and they fully disclose their fee structure. You should always know what it is you're paying for.
  • A well-defined investment philosophy, including a full explanation, in easy-to-understand language, of the advisor's approach to investing.
  • A personalized investment plan—in writing—that tells how your advisor will invest your money, and outlines the strategy for managing your account based on your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and personal situation.
  • Professional communication from your advisor at least twice each year, including updates on your investment account and the rationale for making changes to your investments. You should also receive information about the market and economy, and how developments may affect your investments. And, your advisor should return your messages promptly.
  • Ongoing account management, including monitoring your investments to be sure they remain appropriate for your account and rebalancing your account when necessary to maintain the appropriate asset allocation. Your advisor should periodically ask about any changes in your personal situation.
  • Account reporting, including accurate and timely quarterly statements of your account showing how your investments have performed compared with appropriate market indices. 
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