Aligning Our Goals and Your Best Interests

How it all started 

How did The Mutual Fund Store become a leading authority on mutual funds? It all started when the firm’s founder, Adam Bold, left his position as a broker to provide everyday investors with a better way to save for their long-term goals. 

Adam had discovered that investors who held a diversified set of mutual funds often fared better over the long term than those who traded stocks or bonds. However, brokers either got more on the commissions they generated from trading, or received incentives to sell particular funds.

Adam had a solution: combine the professional management of mutual funds with unbiased advice from advisors. And pay the advisors the same compensation, no matter which funds they choose for their clients. It’s an approach that has resonated well among investors nationwide.

Today, advisors of The Mutual Fund Store build and manage customized portfolios of mutual funds for their clients. In exchange, clients pay a fee equal to a small percentage of their account value. As the account grows larger, so does the advisor’s compensation. 

This simple but often overlooked approach achieves two important goals: It enables you to feel confident in the investments you own—and it aligns our goals with your best interests.

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