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 Sep 13, 2014 Will your nest egg last as long as you do? We’ll show you how to keep your finances afloat in retirement. AMG Managers Brandywine Blue Fund [BLUEX] is the latest addition to Adam’s Hall of Shame.
 Sep 06, 2014 Monthly pension or lump-sum payment? Denny and Andy show you how to decide. Adam chats about mutual-fund fees and dispels the fear that fees will eat too much of your returns.
 Aug 30, 2014 This holiday weekend, we give you the best of Adam Bold! From annuities to his popular Hall of Shame, Adam's expert advice gives you the investing insight you need.
 Aug 23, 2014 Perception plays a role in investing, but that doesn’t mean it should – we’ll show you what to avoid when picking funds. Adam chats with portfolio manager Mike Magiera from Manning & Napier Equity.
 Aug 16, 2014 Denny and Andy give you the “talk” you should have with your spouse to ensure a successful retirement. Adam chats with portfolio manager Mitch Garfin [BHYIX] about the high-yield bond market.
 Aug 09, 2014 Denny and Andy show how using the wrong comparisons in investing can land you in hot water. Adam discusses the importance of knowing your fund managers are right for you.
 Aug 02, 2014 CEO John Bunch chats with Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz about retirement planning and financial literacy. Adam sits down with Eric Rothman, fund manager of AMG Managers Real Estate Securities [MRESX].
 Jul 26, 2014 Denny and Andy tell you why your retirement plan should resemble a well-written book, not the made-for-TV movie version. Adam discusses the long-term benefits of a properly diversified portfolio.
 Jul 19, 2014 Denny and Andy rail against longevity annuities and discuss the three stages of retirement – and how you can plan accordingly. Adam chats with the manager behind Buffalo Discovery Fund [BUFTX].
 Jul 12, 2014 Adam talks about the market highs and whether you should take money off the table or stick to your strategy. Later, an interview with Dr. Frank James from James Balanced Golden Rainbow Fund [GLRBX].
 Jul 05, 2014 Denny and Andy take a deep dive into 3 of the most commonly held mutual funds – find out if you should buy, sell, or hold! Adam chats with Mary Ellen Stanek from Baird Funds about the bond market.
 Jun 28, 2014 Denny and Andy share a wedding toast with a financial twist – it’s the talk every couple needs to hear! Adam chats with Andrew Euretig from Artisan Partners about the global equity market.
 Jun 21, 2014 Special offer show! Denny and Andy show you how to be an above-average 401(k) investor. Adam discusses the history of Smart401k® and why this retirement savings vehicle is so important.
 Jun 14, 2014 Denny and Andy serve up a “tough love” investing intervention for you and your loved ones in honor of Father’s Day. Adam adds two more funds to his Hall of Shame.
 Jun 07, 2014 Denny and Andy set the record straight on retirement planning misconceptions that can cost you big bucks. Adam shines his Bold Fund Spotlight on the GoodHaven fund [GOODX].
 May 31, 2014 Denny and Andy show you the benefits of delaying retirement. Adam discusses why annuities are a better deal for the investment advisor than they are for the investor.
 May 24, 2014 Denny and Andy show you how to recognize too-good-to-be-true investment pitches so you can avoid being swindled by smarmy salespeople. Adam adds two funds to his Hall of Shame.
 May 17, 2014 Andy gives the commencement speech young graduates really need to hear. Adam shines his Bold Fund Spotlight on the American Beacon Bridgeway Large Cap Value Fund [BWLIX].
 May 10, 2014 Andy and Denny team up to show you the dangers of following investment trends. Adam adds another fund to his Hall of Shame and gives an update on the current bond landscape.
 May 03, 2014 Special offer show! Andy and Denny provide tips to maximize your retirement income as Adam reveals how to navigate a challenging market.
 Apr 26, 2014 Denny and Andy give you three retirement planning tips for all stages of life. Adam brings back his Bold Fund Spotlight with T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation Fund [PRWCX].
 Apr 19, 2014 Happy Easter! Denny, Andy and Adam answer as many of your calls as possible. From 401(k)s to mutual funds to retirement, they've got you covered!
 Apr 12, 2014 Adam sits down with Nobel-Prize-winning economist Tom Sargent. Denny and Andy show you how keeping secrets from your financial advisor could leave you short of reaching your goals.
 Apr 05, 2014 Denny and Andy show you how to increase your financial literacy. Later, they introduce investing lessons from reality TV and Adam adds two more funds to his Hall of Shame.
 Mar 29, 2014 Denny and Andy announce a free Annuity Evaluation offer and share the questions you need to ask before signing an annuity contract. Plus, Adam’s latest Bold Fund Spotlight.
 Mar 22, 2014 Denny and Andy suggest a certain type of bond fund and share warning signs that your investing strategy isn’t working – and how you can get back on track. Plus, Adam’s latest market commentary.
 Mar 15, 2014 Andy and Denny explore the signs an investment has too much risk. Plus, hear three common retirement distribution mistakes (and how to avoid them) and Adam’s latest Hall of Shame [TWEGX].
 Mar 08, 2014 Andy and Denny bring you “Confessions of a Target-Date Fund” and offer to evaluate any target-date funds in which you’re invested. Later, Adam spotlights Laudus US Large Cap Growth (LGILX).
 Mar 01, 2014 Learn how to keep your money safe from modern-day wolves of Wall Street. Later, hear the most recent Hall of Shame-Domini Social Bond fund [DSBFX].
 Feb 22, 2014 Knowing what kind of investor you are can help you get more out of the advisor/client relationship. Later, hear a Bold Fund Spotlight on the Fidelity Limited Term Municipal Income Fund (FSTFX).
 Feb 15, 2014 It’s 401(k) week! Andy and Denny show you how to protect your 401(k). Later, they chat with Smart401k President Scott Holsopple and Adam brings back his Hall of Shame (BJBIX and AWSAX).
 Feb 08, 2014 Take our Dating Game-style quiz to decide if your fund manager is a perfect match for you. Plus, hear from Elaine Stokes from Loomis Sayles about the bond market landscape.
 Feb 01, 2014 Special offer show! Andy and Denny share quick wins for your retirement strategy as Adam gives insight into recent market volatility. Also, hear about Fed policy under incoming Chair Janet Yellen.
 Jan 25, 2014 Andy and Denny show you the importance of making the old retirement rules work for you. Plus, listen to a new Bold Fund Spotlight featuring the Skyline Special Equities fund (SKSEX).
 Jan 18, 2014 Andy and Denny discuss Janet Yellen’s portfolio and give ways for couples to prepare for “life after me.” Plus, hear an interview with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Adam’s latest Hall of Shame.
 Jan 11, 2014 Adam makes his market predictions for 2014. Hint: It's great news! Andy and Denny hand out the first-ever Mutual Fund Show Awards – also known as The Smiths.
 Jan 04, 2014 Bubble is the latest media buzzword, but is there any truth to that? Andy and Denny also tackle YOUR 2014 investing resolutions. Adam talks to Chuck Akre of Akre Focus (AKREX).
 Dec 28, 2013 Happy Holidays! Denny, Andy and Adam answer as many of your calls as possible. From 401ks to mutual funds to retirement, they've got you covered!
 Dec 21, 2013 Chris Bouffard gives insight on the Fed's tapering plan. Also, Denny and Andy tell you the only two year-end investing tips you need to know! Adam talks 2014 outlook with BlackRock's Russ Koesterich.
 Dec 14, 2013 Andy and Denny intervene on some of the bad financial practices investors fall prey to during the holidays. Adam talks REITs with fund manager Eric Rothman of Managers Real Estate Securities (MRESX).
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