What is a Brokerage Account? Investing for what's important to you.

A taxable brokerage account is one more tool in your investing playbook.

Unlike 401(k)s or IRAs, taxable brokerage accounts are funded with post-tax dollars and any earnings or gains are also taxable. However, you can contribute as much money as you like to a taxable brokerage account, whereas 401(k)s and IRAs have contribution limits.

If you want to be fully engaged in the research and decision-making, you might enjoy the myriad of investment options that come with a brokerage account. That being said, having tens of thousands of available investment options could be intimidating for the everyday investor. At The Mutual Fund Store®, we can help manage your brokerage account and build an investment strategy tailored to your individual needs. We’ll also monitor both the investments and your personal situation over time to ensure you’re on track to meeting your investing and retirement goals. When you choose to work with us, you can expect:

A plan that's tailor-made for you and you alone.

Your advisor creates and manages your portfolio with your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and personal situation top of mind.

No hidden agendas.

You’ll always know what you’re paying for and how much you’re paying for it. You can trust you’re receiving advice that supports your best interests.

The tried-and-true backing of The Research Center.

This team of experts is dedicated full-time to researching the market, the economy and the mutual funds we use in our investment selections.

Clients of The Mutual Fund Store can also take advantage of the Money Link service provided by our custodian (Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.), whereby you work with your investment advisor to set up a monthly auto-withdrawal from your bank account into your Schwab account. Your advisor will then invest that money on a regular basis for you. In addition to dollar-cost averaging, Money Link has another benefit. It allows you to purchase some mutual funds with a lower minimum initial investment than you may otherwise be subject to, as long as you establish a minimum monthly investment of at least $50 per month (depending on the individual fund family).

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