Fee-Only Financial Advice Puts You First

Your goals drive our decisions 

At The Mutual Fund Store, we’ve built our business by doing what’s right for the client—because we know that’s good for us too. Since we don’t earn commissions for selling products, we can focus exclusively on helping you achieve your goals—without any conflicts of interest. From developing your plan to managing your account, we’ll take care of the serious money that needs to be there for your retirement, your child’s college education, and other important goals.

How do we put your interests first?

Ongoing communication.

You can expect regular contact from your advisor, including topical information and quarterly performance reports. If you ever have a question, we’re just a phone call or email away. 

Straightforward fee schedule.

We provide personalized investment advisory services to you, and in return you pay a fee based on the value of your account. This clear-cut approach ensures that we’re working for you. Plus, we never accept financial incentives to invest in any particular funds. 

Mutual fund expertise.

We specialize in one thing—mutual funds. In our view, the diversification and professional management they provide are simply the best way for long-term investors to be successful in the market. Our advisors tap the expertise of our Mutual Fund Research Center to build a personalized plan for you using mutual funds run by a range of fund families.

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