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Dedicated team of mutual fund and ETF specialists

There are literally tens of thousands of mutual funds and ETFs. How can you find the best ones for your account? How much should you invest in each fund? When should you sell a fund? At The Mutual Fund Store, you can leave those decisions to the professionals. 

Our investment advisors have access to deep knowledge and support from the economists and analysts in The Research Center. This team of experts is dedicated full-time to evaluating mutual funds and ETFs, and developing asset allocation recommendations for our advisors to use with their clients.

Chris Bouffard

Chief Investment Officer of The Mutual Fund Research Center

Adam Bold

Founder of The Mutual Fund Store

John Bunch

President of The Mutual Fund Store & Industry- Recognized Expert

The Research Center:

  • Conducts in-depth economic research. The team analyzes current and historical economic data to identify trends that might affect our clients’ holdings.
  • Follows the managers and the funds. They focus on getting to know the fund managers and their long-term record, so they can identify those who deliver consistent performance.
  • Formulates its select list. From a universe of more than 25,000 mutual funds and ETFs, the team narrows the field to several dozen names, which become the foundation for the customized mix of mutual funds and ETFs recommended for each client’s account.

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