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About Adam Bold, Denny Smith and Andy Smith

Adam Bold

Adam Bold

Adam began as host of The Mutual Fund Show® when it first aired in Kansas City in 1998. His ability to demystify investing with common-sense, everyday language caught on quickly with listeners nationwide.

Author of The Bold Truth About Investing, Adam founded The Mutual Fund Store to help people in all income brackets build wealth, and to meet the needs of everyday investors. 

His desire for listeners of the show—and for the 33,000-plus clients of The Mutual Fund Store—is to help them make sense of investing and achieve their investment goals.

Denny and Andy Smith

Denny Smith Andy Smith

Denny and Andy know first-hand what’s on the mind of investors. As investment advisors with The Mutual Fund Store in Indianapolis, they work daily to help clients navigate the markets, providing investors with much-needed financial and investment direction.

Beyond their daily client interactions, Denny and Andy have spent more than a decade on the airwaves guiding listeners towards their investment goals…all the while offering sensible, actionable perspectives on finance, investing, and the national and global economies.

With more than 50 years of combined business experience, Denny and Andy have the background, experience, and insight to help our listeners with their financial questions each week on The Mutual Fund Show.

Practical advice for everyday investors

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s vital to protect your hard-earned assets. In The Bold Truth About Investing, Mutual Fund Store founder Adam Bold offers 10 easy-to-understand "commandments" for building personal wealth. These principles can help both novice and seasoned investors navigate the markets and regain control of their investments.

Bold Truth Book
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